21st October 5:27pm (GMT-5)

KFUM - Sandnes Ulf 28.09.2020


1 - 0

Sandnes Ulf

2nd Half
52' substitution Stubberud, Jacob / Hammer, Jorgen
60' substitution Moula, Yannis Maxitas / Sanyang, Alagie
64'   Lindquist, Christopher
74'   Rasch, Robin
75' goal Moula, Yannis Maxitas

79' substitution Sigurdsen, Lasse / Moula, Juba Massinissa
79' substitution Stavrum, Hakon / Svindland, Remi Andre

76' substitution Nunez Godoy, Johannes Andres / Bogdanovic, Jasmin

Match details
1 Score 0
102 Attacks 88
52 Ball possession 48
8 Corner kicks 1
57 Dangerous Attacks 32
3 Shots off goal 3
2 Shots on goal 2
3 Substitutions 1
2 Yellow cards 0
icon Match started
icon 2nd half
icon 52` Substitution
The home team have replaced Jorgen Hammer with Jacob Stubberud. This is the first substitution made today by Jorgen Isnes..
icon 60` Substitution
Yannis Maxitas Moula is replacing Alagie Sanyang for KFUM Oslo at KFUM Arena..
icon 64` Yellow card
Lindquist, Christopher At KFUM Arena, Christopher Lindquist has been yellow-carded for the home team..
icon 74` Yellow card
Rasch, Robin Robin Rasch is booked for the home team..
icon 75` Goal 1 — 0
Moula, Yannis Maxitas KFUM Oslo take a 1-0 lead thanks to Yannis Maxitas Moula..
76` Substitution icon
Steffen Landro is making the team's first substitution at KFUM Arena with Johannes Andres Nunez Godoy replacing Jasmin Bogdanovic..
icon 79` Substitution
Jorgen Isnes (KFUM Oslo) is making a third substitution, with Lasse Sigurdsen replacing Juba Massinissa Moula..
icon 79` Substitution
Hakon Stavrum is on a sub for Remi Andre Svindland for KFUM Oslo..

The confrontation of KFUM and the team of Sandnes Ulf takes place as part of the competition of 1st Division at the Kfum Arena arena.
Time of the game: 28.09.2020 10:30
The referee of this game is Berg, Martin

Statistics of previous confrontations between the team of KFUM and the team of Sandnes Ulf:
The opposition of Sandnes Ulf and KFUM on 14.08.2020 ended with the score of 3:1.
The match of KFUM and Sandnes Ulf on 10.08.2019 ended with the score of 3:0.
The match of Sandnes Ulf and KFUM on 28.04.2019 finished with the score of 2:3.
The opposition of KFUM and Sandnes Ulf on 28.08.2016 ended with the score of 1:3.
The confrontation of Sandnes Ulf and KFUM on 29.05.2016 ended with the score of 6:2.

Summary of the teams:
Team: KFUM
Country: Norway
Coach: Isnes, Jorgen

Team: Sandnes Ulf
Country: Norway
Coach: Saeternes, Bengt

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