22nd August 11:11pm (GMT-5)

FC Luch Vladivostok - Chayka Peschanokopskoye 14.08.2019

The match between FC Luch Vladivostok and the team of Chayka Peschanokopskoye is held as part of the tournament of Football National League at the Dinamo Stadium arena.
Date of the game: 14.08.2019 05:00
Weather during the match: good

Scheduled matches between the team of FC Luch Vladivostok and the team of Chayka Peschanokopskoye:
Chayka Peschanokopskoye - FC Luch Vladivostok 09.03.2020

Summary of the participants:
Team: FC Luch Vladivostok

Team: Chayka Peschanokopskoye

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